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Holt Howard Pixies Rule!

Holt-Howard made some of the most whimisical household items back in the 50's and 60's! They are as cute today as they were then and have become quite the collector items. Holt-Howard of Stamford, Connecticut, was established in 1948 by A. Grant Holt and the brothers Robert and John Howard. They designed ceramic kitchen and gift items. Their most popular lines were the Cozy Kitten, Merry Mice, Rooster, Christmas Items, Dorable Daisy, Butler, Nodders, and our beloved Pixies (designed by Bob Howard). The company remained in business until 1990, when it was sold to Kay Dee Designs. Grant Holt and John Howard then created their own business - Grant Howard Associates (GHA).  One of the designers that worked for Holt-Howard back in the 60's, Curt Blanchard, rejoined Grant and John at GHA and designed a few limited production pixies in 2000.(GHA pixie items ).  Care was given to keep the pixie shape, but design pieces in styles that were not offered in the 50's.  Since these GHA pixies were only made for one year in limited production, they are now demanding a high price too!
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Pixie Wannabes
There were a number of pixie "wannabes."  Holt Howard pixies are the only ones that are called "pixieware" as that is the Holt Howard trademark.  But thru the years all the other condiments that have heads with a spoon attached melted into the "pixie" and "pixieware" category of 50's condiments.  Some have flat heats, some have round heads, some are heads of humans and not pixies at all... but they all are now called pixies. 
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